everything you need to know

      have a look at my most frequently asked questions and read about my style and approach to shooting family session to get a really great idea of what its like to have me with you, documenting your special moment.



      what is your style?

      i am a natural light lifestyle photographer who believes that the best photographs are those that are authentic and true to you, your partner, your family and your story. i put my heart and soul into producing images that show the love, laughter and even tears that are truly meant to be remembered years after. if you are looking for everyone lined up saying cheese to camera i am not the photographer for you. but if you are looking for details of your daughter’s bare toes in the dirt, your son’s toothless smile, your soon to be husband’s smile as you walk down the aisle, or your newborn cuddled in the nook of your neck, then i would be honored to be the one to capture your story.

      where is the best location for our session?

      as i am a lifestyle photographer i recommend shooting at your home. this is where everyone is most comfortable and i find it reflects my style of photography best. we can also incorporate an additional location to shoot. for example, we state the session at your home, then for the last hour we can go to a park, coffee shop, beach, farm, the options are endless. but wherever we go i want it to have special meaning to your family.

      what is the best time to have our session?

      i rely on natural light for my sessions. for in-home sessions the timing of the session is not much of a concern. for outdoors sessions, the majority of my shooting happens in the late afternoon, approximately 1 1/2 hours before sunset when the sun is low and soft, or sunrise.

      what should we wear?

      something you feel amazing in, simple as that! you can then just dress everyone else in a complimentary way to your chosen outfit. it's great when you can add a bit of quirk and colour too. patterns are great, but not too many! i suggest two family members wear patterns and everyone else in complimenting shades of solid colours.
      my style of photography is very natural and unposed and i want your wardrobe to reflect this vibe too. so please, no matching blue jeans and white shirts. also try to avoid t-shirts with large logos or images on the front as they are distracting.
      for more examples of what works well, please see www.pinterest.com/lilyandhenryphoto/

      how should we prepare our home?

      if we are shooting indoors and you are worried about your home, please don't stress. all i suggest is that you declutter the rooms that i would most likely soot in which are the main bedroom, kids bedrooms and the lounge. but also remembering that i will really only be working in the rooms with the best natural light.

      what if we are unwell on our session date?

      we reschedule! just let me know as soon as possible and we'll work out another date that suits us both. there are no re-booking fees.

      what if its raining on our session date?

      we reschedule! i'm happy to work in most weather conditions that may come our way but me and my camera do not do well in the rain.

      what happens during our session?

      when i arrive at your home i would love for you to show me around, that way i can work out the best areas to shoot. i will most likely need to stand on your sofa or beds, shoes off of course! and i may need to rearrange a little furniture to accommodate for the lighting. i like to keep my interference with you during the shoot minimal but I will guide you on how to achieve natural family photos with regard to lighting etc. i will also suggest ways in which you can sit together, play games and activities, cuddle, tickle, hold hands etc. but most importantly i let the session unfold and I capture exactly what I see. please don't feel you can't be yourself in front of me. if you enjoy an afternoon wine or beer then crack the bottle open while I'm there, it may help you relax and i might just join you!

      what if my child decides to have a tantrum during our session?

      there is nothing i haven't seen, trust me. i have three kids of my own and i get how these things happen every now and then. please don't let this stress you out and ruin this beautiful experience. i'm here to capture your family in its natural form and if that mean tantrums or tears, then so be it. i want real life, not cheesy fake smiles.

      what happens after the session?

      48 hours after the session i will send you a small sneak peek, and then email you a link to your online gallery two weeks after the session. this is where you select your 30 images and can also choose to upgrade your package.

      any printing suggestions?

      images in your online gallery have been colour managed to print accurately to my preferred professional print lab. while every effort has ben made to ensure that your images will print well, each lab uses different equipment, paper, inks and digital processes and expertise; Lily & Henry Photography cannot be held responsible for incorrect printing of your images. i recommend printing these files via a professional print lab to ensure high quality results. i can provide a list of recommended professional print labs at time of your online gallery being delivered.

      can you photoshop me?

      this is something i don't do. it isn't true to my style of honest family photography. i will remove the odd blemish but that's about it. these photos are not about how you look. i want you to treat this experience as an opportunity to connect with your tribe and to make some lovely memories with them. you'll be able to give your kids images showing them how much they are adored.

      when should we book our maternity and newborn sessions?

      as soon as you have decided that you would like to book a photography session with me, please get in touch as i tend to book up quite far in advance. for maternity session the ideal time is around 34-36 weeks gestation as your bump will be blooming but you won't quite have reached the stage where you feel heavy and tired. for newborn sessions, the shoot ideally needs to be within 14 days of birth as I love photographing them at their most sleepy and squishy age. however some amazing images can still be taken with an older infant. make sure you book your newborn session while you are still pregnant. we will book your newborn for an approximate date based on you due date, and then once baby is born we can firm up the exact date.